Fuel tank cleaning

Fuels are the perfect enviornment for the development of micro-organisms. The proliferation of bacteria results in the formation of algae and sludge in fuel gas tanks. Contaminated fuels are easily identified because they take on a cloudy appearance. Sludge and biomass deposits on the bottom of the fuel tank represents a problem for the engine’s fuel system, as well as possible clogged fuel filters resulting in failure to supply fuel to the engine.

A clean fuel tank and fuel system can improve fuel consumption, remove traces of water and reduce the emission of polluting gases. Modern fuel injectors are particularly sensitive to the presence of pollutants and water, it’s considered good practice to carry out cleaning of gas tanks.

To counter the effects of bacteria formation, it’s possibile to evaluate with our staff the proper biocide or additive suitable for the fuel treatment. If the fuel tanks are inspectable, we proceed by opening and inspecting the tanks, treating the fuel, transferring of the contents of the fuel tank, and tank washing. If the tanks are not inspectable, it’s possible to wash the fuel with a closed circuit pump equipped with different filtering elements. Closed circuit washing allows treatment of the entire fuel system.

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